Friday, May 24, 2013

Let's pretend it isn't midnight....

 And let's just get started by saying 


Which was obviously named such by the principal

since the school is now SUPER quiet 
and the rest of the world
(as in mothers everywhere) 
have just entered the 

My day, in fact, 
went something like this:

  • Get up waaay too late

  • Throw the babies in a quick bath
(Since school got out a week ago 
   and they may or may not have been 
        hosed off since...)

  • Load the littles in the vinivan for VBS 
(Pronounced "Baby-S" by sweet little Elsa)

  • Gripe at the big kids for primping and sleeping instead of cleaning up after me and the littles

  • Carry Elsa around on my hip for 3 hours while herding 17 kindergarteners around the church PTL.

  • Rush home and shove cheese tortillas in their little mouths

  • Realize I am late for a meeting that I had sent myself a reminder but unfortunately disregarded 
  • as I had misspelled the anacronym to remember it by

  • Rush to meeting

  • Rush home

  • Rush to paint job

  • Rush home
  •  (all the extra bullets stand for other stuff...
  • like vacuuming
  • and brushing my teeth
  • and checking facebook 89 times
  • just use your imagination)

  • Rush to Baby-S Program 
  • (sorry it is just so cute)

  • Rush home

  • Decide I am gonna need to get organized 
  • so I go online in search 
  • of a daaaaling printable menu plan

  • Spend 4 hours looking for one but nothing suits my fancy

  • Spend 4 hours drawing one myself

  • Realize I spelled Menu wrong 
  • (so what I was real tired)

  • Spend 4 hours editing it on the computer

  • Decide in order to validate my horrendous time management skills, I should write a blog and share it with you.

  • So Happy Summer "vacation
  • to you my friends
May your Menues be
ever beautiful
as you spend your life savings
feeding the children...