Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Been Painting

Summer? Over.

And where did it go?

Most of my days were spent 
with a brush in my hand 
and paint in my hair!

It has been a whirlwind, 
with lots of green frog tape 
and tons of friends in the making.

My sidekick Sara 
got suckered into the madness 
and we have been loving 
brightening up walls.

Here is a "summer-ization" 
of a few of the things 
we have been up too!!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Today my baby turned 2.
Can't believe it.
We celebrated yesterday
So today was more like operation recovery.
We laid around.
Most stayed pajama-ed all day.
We played with the loot from yesterdays hullaballoo
And munched on daddy's fine cookin.
Milo was puny last night so we skipped church
And sometimes home is just as good for the soul.

Friday, May 18, 2012

in total avoidance.

I have no point here.
Actually I am avoiding doing 
what I oughtta be doing
and in the scope of things 
this seems way more fun
and I can pretend that 
it is really important.

So first things first...

Not being much of a cereal gal myself

{OK so at one point I did live on cheerios 
everyday for a half a millennium}

I don't usually like the 
sugary junk.

But yesterday I discovered this treasure in the bare cupboard.

Yes that is 
Cocoa puffies 
in the same bowl 
from the same bag.

{and yes I did eat it}
{and yes I did have two bowls}
{and yes I liked it so much I texted a 
picture to my sister}

The kids are so happy when Dad does the shopping.

Which  has been lots 
lately because with my 
pea brain, comes some 
involuntary half concussions 
where I suddenly forget 
that it is my responsibility 
to shop...
or cook 
for that matter.

And now that I look back over the last day or two I am a little concerned.

Wait a second....
we did eat blueberries.

I remember now cuz Elsa called them Bluebabies....

Whew that was a close one.

Mostly lately we have been lounging outside.

{Thinking up ways to kill the commune of nasty 
millers that live in our big trees.  
Don't even get me started...}

And playing in our pool and sandbox.

Oh and I have been slightly obsessing over an upcoming wedding for my niece.

{this picture is for you Liz}

And redecorating 
Milo and Elsa's room.

In which I cussed those that had wallpapered before us.

And swore I would NEVER apply that monstrosity...

And promptly mod podged a half of a dictionary to the wall.

I did however make a pact with myself 
that I would also be the 
one to remove it 
sometime down the road.

{But don't quote me on that}

The children have braved the last few days of school. 

{uninjured by their grouchy mother, I might add}

And tomorrow I will ship 
them all away to 
their grammy and pappy.

for a week.

{don't know quite whether to snivel or hollar} 

So here we come summer.

{and here I go...
back to the real reason I sat down at the computer 
in the first place}



Monday, April 30, 2012

Well hello there...

I know I have been AWAL.
It's true.  
I'm sorry.
But for a month my oldest kid has been 
Driving me. Crazy.

No Really. It's True.
I know I don't look old enough
but let's face it I was a child bride.

So I have been carted around 
in the passenger's seat
and have decided to take full advantage.

One outing I made him drive me 
2 hours to 

You know, he needed Interstate experience.

Another day I made him tote me around
with my long lost camera.
I never just get to go on a treasure hunt 
for good pics...
and we spotted some doozies!

Poor Elsa isn't as thrilled as I am with 
these outings.
She HATES her carseat.

She swims against it like something is 
just holding her down.

I always say "Relax, Elsa!"

So the other day Daddy gets in the car
and she pipes up from the back...
"Relax, Daddy!"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Betty Barf-up

Early the other morning Elsa wanted to swing.
Rather than finding shoes, socks, sweatshirts, coats, mittens, hats.........
My mind raced for an alternative....
hmmm....a swing without the park....
out pops the good ol' jenny-jump-up!!!

It was magic!! Happy Day!!!

Fasty Forward to later that night.
Mr. Milo needed some one on one mama time
and Elsa was beggin for the "swing."

I gave in and made everybody happy.
After Milo beat me at a looong game of Toy Story Memory,
(I wish I could say that I let him win)
I took Elsa out of the jumper.
She seemed thirsty...
swallowing in a strange way.
But when I held up the cup for water 
she shoved my hand away and did
what anyone sane would do after 
an eternally long winding and unwinding episode...
she hurled.

Live and learn...right?
So now we set the timer.
and now she doesn't seem to spin around as much.
And Jenny Jump-up has a new name...
Betty Barf-up
and I am going for mom of the year.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I am an addict.

They say the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.


It is this website......

I. cannot. stay. away.

It is my mostest favorite website on earth.

Who can resist looking at rooms like this:

(look at more black and white stripes HERE)  


Or links to DIY's like this:

(wanna make it?? look HERE)

Don't this make ya wanna have another baby????

Just to decorate like this...

(check it out HERE)

and I loooove the before and after shots....




Bookmark it baby.
Apartment Therapy Rocks.


Friday, March 9, 2012

blame it on the moon....

Did you see the moon last night??? 

My hubby called us outside 
to watch it rise...


Things have been a  tad bit busy  
complete chaos.

It got so hectic that both the 
vacuum and dish washer 
went on strike.

Don't think they could take it anymore.

We had a week of puny babies.

Poor tots had fevers 
and just hung around.
my. neck.

I almost lost what little mind 
sloshes around in this pea brain.

A.D.D. doesn't sit well.

Regardless of my inabilities 
as their mother, 
the kiddos survived...
or at least I 

Do they look traumatized???


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


these two are getting to be the bestest of buddies...
and the wooliest of warriors!

So many sunshiney days it was starting to not feel like winter.

Until this weekend.

We took down Elsa's crib and got her a big girl bed.
 This is how things looked for a week...at least!

 Ain't it great to be CRAZY????

The Hank Picture that didn't upload during my sleep deprived post.

And in my spare time I drill holes in 22 shells raided from Levi's room
and hook them onto rusty washers raided from Grandpa's shop.
Why ask why??

Also in my spare time I have been doing baby bleacher aerobics
while watching this girl in these shoes race down the basketball court.
My camera cannot handle the lighting or chaos of such situations
so this is the only shot I've got.

In her spare moments, she covers her ears while I boss her around,
runs away when she isn't supposed to,
and melts my heart with her sweet little smiles.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

too tired to think of a title. ok. goodnight.

It is late. 
I should be in bed.
It is sooo quiet though.
Something tells me I need to get a life.
I spent two looong days painting a rental house
and it felt like a vacation.
That's not right....

In other Random news:

Hank Williams Jr. went with us to church this morning.
He didn't like being called Hank.
But I thought there was a strong resemblance.

So he is not Hank.  Just Milo.

My brain is starting to freeze up like a 3 year old computer.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my smart phone suffers from domestic violence...

My man got me a smart phone for my birthday.
It is getting me organized.
It has a calendar. 
A list.
A list for lists.
A journal that you can slap in a picture and write a little ditty.
A camera to take those snappy pics,
and even a video camera to catch the fights and show the 
children how ugly it is to argue.  

(Even though they are really only fighting for their mother's attention
and the casting away of the little black screen that has morphed her into a complete zombie)

So I have been a little distracted by this new miracle.

obsessed might be a better word.

But I am beginning to wonder if it is really as "smart" as it should be.
See, on New Year's Day, I hosted the family Christmas.
Realize this was just a few weeks after I got this dandy contraption.
So I figured I would make a few lists to get ready.
The problem is that I have ogre thumbs that constantly bonk out the wrong words on the delicate touch screen. 

We will not go into details on some of the boo boos that I have written,

but in order to avoid these faux pas, I decided to give the voice command a try.

After all, wouldn't it be lovely to just boss something around without rolling eyes?
 I had a few things down on the list already.
Even a few crossed off.
It looked like this.

  • trim nails...what? I have approximately 120 of the buggers to keep track of, you would write it down too...
  • Fold laundry...SURPRISE!!
  • Table Decorations...If you know my mother you know that this is the whole point of even having company.
  • Set up Tables
  • Make Potatoes
  • Make Spiced Apple Cider...Remind me to give you the recipe. YUMMY.
  • Mop Floors
  • Clean Bathrooms.
And then began the voice commands:

ME: thaw turkey
Phone: Song Cherokee

ME: thaw turkey
Phone: Contact 30

ME: thaw turkey
Phone: Knockouts turkey

ME: THaw TURkey
Phone: The Turkey

ME: ok we are getting closer...
       thAW TURkey
Phone: Dog Sharks

ME (yelling):THAW TURKEY
Phone: Tempe.

ME (yelling with a British accent): 
Phone: Bloc Party.

ME (yelling with a British accent wacking my phone on the table): THAW TURKEY YOU STUPID PHONE!!!
Phone: Hi Sexy.

I am not kidding.
Maybe it is smart after all.

Enough said.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

golly what a day

Around Christmas I bought a new 
package of sharpies.

Been filling up my sketch pad
getting some valentine
ideas a rollin.

You could just call me

now i have this stuck in my head:

Mmmmm hhmmm.  
I do love Roger Miller.

back to the doodling.

Have you ever gone to picnik.com?

It is really fun to upload a doodle 
and play around with it.

So now you have no excuses.
Leave the dishes.
Forget the laundry.
Who cares if you have
cheerio carpet in your kitchen.
You have important things to do...

You know,
Life Changing Things.

Editing Doodles.

Monday, January 2, 2012

cartoon with a blind girl

We are in a vegetative state around here. 

Recovering from the 
inhalation of too much deliciousness and the 
over-stimulation of holiday fellowship. 

 So today I let Milo watch a movie. 
He loves cowboys and horses so he picked 
this new one on Netflix.  
Although on the cheesy side, 
the cartoon was a good representation of 
some of the assumptions most of us hold 
about those with visual impairments. 

It is divided up into 3 YouTube videos.
Happy New Year.