Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We r puny.

Strep throat among the ranks.

I took an antibiotic from the jar of emergency a.d.d. leftover pills from previous issues.

Well, don't you have those?  
They give you a jar of 86 pills...
take three times a day for the next millennium
and who can always keep focused that long.

I woke up in the middle of the night 
feeling better until some sort of 
germaphobe anxiety attack crept
into my pea brain.  
I could not go back to sleep 
imagining all of those 
nasty streptococcal bugs 
having a party all over my house.

It was so disturbing that I got up 
and put a few of my blankies in the wash.

Speaking of disturbing,
if you are brave look at this.  
but beware because I regretted googling images of Strep Throat.

You couldn't resist could you?
EEEEW I only glanced for one second before I made the link.
Again Sorry.


So I cranked open all of the windows as soon as I got outta bed.
Threw Milo under a pile of blankets 
and gave him the remote.
Put on Elsa's snowboots and mittens,
And declared WAR ON STREP!

My new best friend Clorox
danced with me through the house,
and everybody got clean bedding.

Then we got our internal weapons
aka amoxicillion.
Our town just got a new pop machine at the hospital,
aka instimeds.

You just type in the 
numbers for your prescription and 
out drops your meds.

I have been there three days
in a row as there are so many subjects in my charge. 

And yes,Mom, I got a real prescription for me too.

The people that work at the hospital are looking at me funny.
Thinking "oh there is that junkie with all of her snot nosed kids."

So hopefully we have 
got this thing about whipped.
We are thawing out now with the afternoon sun shining through our closed windows and the heater blasting fresh clean air.

Hope those little streppies
have learned not to mess with me
or my babies.

PS. comment if you looked at the link!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

P(purposefully) M(making up) S(stuff to be cranky about)

gonna be real honest here.
i am in the depths of it.
i once asked the Dr. if, 
for the sake of the children, 
there was anything he could give me 
for this little problem.

He said, 

and i quote,

"Watch what you eat and exercise 
and just have some self control."

OK. and thanks a million.

now stay with me here...

i gotta run and check on elsa,
i hear the beeping of my cell phone and 
i gotta see who she is randomly dialing...

Ok. i am back.
and to whoever she called,
please don't mistake that for 
a heavy breathing prank call.
Dang caller-ID anyways.

Back to PMS...
(Isn't that the way it always goes?)

Well, ok. i will exercise.
So i set my alarm for 5:30.
A good hour before anybody gets up.
For three days i sweat and bounce 
my flabby self 
along on the treadmill
with no incidents like this mind you.

But on the fourth day it happens.

Alarm goes off.

i hit snooze and have the back and forth
bantering self talk about 
how after yesterday
sleep would be more productive than exercise
in the analysis of self preservation.

And just the time the health enthusiast 
in me wins the argument,

I hear something from afar...



baby radar.

every. single. time.

Alright I guess if I can't exercise to fix this issue...

I will watch what I eat.

So I watch it.

I eat everything in sight.
and I watch it go into my mouth.

Still no changes.

I think that Dr. needs to take 
some refresher courses.

Friday, December 9, 2011

In the lab

Been spending lots of 
time in the Laboratory.

Sewing tags for my sister's new store
Calamity Pass Trading Company.

Sorting Crayons and Markers.

Removing chewed up crayons from the traps of certain green toothed individuals.


Breaking up battles over paper and table space.

Labeling all of my junk so I can recover quicker from my creative tornado issues.

 Making crap out of feathers and leather and whatever else I uncover in my stash.

Enjoying the company of whatever
kid decides to sit for a bit.

And loving watching their own 
creativity blossom.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

mess with mama = TROUBLE!

We have been busy.

Crazy busy.

Well maybe just crazy 
because when I sit back and think about it, 
I can't even remember what we have done.

Josi and I spent the better part of one day playing cards.  

We had a little bet thing going on.  
If you lose....
well just watch the video.  

And you might have to turn your head to the side because 
although I can whip anyone except my sister Amy 
at a game of Spit,
 I don't know how to hold a camera!

There was NO way I was gonna lose!

 And no Josi wasn't really crying and yes she herself set the stakes!

Doncha be messin' with the Mama!

Monday, November 28, 2011

my vision

This song has been running 
through my brain 
for the past few weeks.

Saving me in moments of 
downright desperation.

I seem to get a little outta funk 
once in a while.
You know... 
poor poor pitiful me kinda thinking.

I just started belting this out 
the other night
and other than traumatizing 
my entire family with my 
offbeat n outta tune vocals
I felt better right away.

Usually I listen to it from one of 
my favorite chicks, Ginny Owens
but I couldn't find a video 
of her singing it.

So I was searching away and 
you know how one thing 
leads to another online?

Well, I stumbled right onto this genius!

(o wow just had to spell check genius 
which made me feel like a dummy)

So unless you have 6 minutes to kill,
you should definitely fasty forward to 
about halfway cuz
he is just warming up for a 
loooong time.

but the man can beat this guitar!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

diaper tent

What you're gonna need:

15-20 size one diapers 
clear tape
1 regular size roll of toilet paper
1 yard ribbon 
poster board
dinner plate
hot glue gun
decorative paper

1. To form the "walls" of the tent, roll diapers from folded end and secure with tape.
Gather diapers into a circle.  (I started by placing some around a roll of toilet paper, tied those together with the ribbon, then removed the tp roll and filled in with remaining diapers.)

2. Trace a dinner plate onto poster board. Mark the center of the circle, then cut from the edge of circle to center dot.  Pull the edges of the circle to overlap a bit, forming a cone.  Adapt size of cone to the top of diaper circle. Glue edges. This will be the top of the circus tent. 

3. Cut a strip of poster board about 1-2 inches wide and long enough to go all the way around the topper. Scallop one edge, then put a line of glue around the edge of topper and stick on the strip.

4. Paint topper.

5. Trace a 3 inch circle onto poster board. Scallop the edge with scissors then form a cone. Again,securing with hot glue.

6. Make a small flag from decorative paper and a toothpick.  Insert into center of small circle.  Turn the circle over and glue flag in place.

7. Set the small circle with flag into the center of the topper and glue it.

8. Place roof onto diaper circle.  I didn't attach it since it was used as a table decoration, but you could tack it to the walls with a bit of tape.

And there ya have it! 

A diaper circus tent for that sweet mama to be!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scenes From the Circus

The Mama To Be!
And her amazing friend Frances.

Fun Games by Frances:
Name the Baby
Guess how many Animal Crackers
Gift Bingo
Guess the baby's traits
Belly Measurement with Circus Peanuts

Winners' loot!

The cakes were done by the Grandma to be!  
Celebrating her very first grand baby!

Parting gifts:
Caramel corn

Friday, November 11, 2011

listen to this!

My hubby showed us this video.

I thought it was amazing.

Although, it made me wonder how one would cope if ones offspring decided to practice this endlessly......

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Been spending days in the "Laboratory" as Miss Josi calls it;
my babies at my feet with their trains and animals.
Me at the craft table surrounded by a conglomeration 
of tissue paper, peanuts, and red striped straws.
We are playing circus, you know??

The baby shower we are throwing is in 
just a couple of days.
So of course here I sit at the computer.
I had to take a break. 

My brain sometime scares me.
Tonight I considered making a paper garland of elephants. 

Finally had to stop and have a little talk with myself.

(Which happens frequently 
only I pretend that I am talking to 
one of the many children in my midst.)

The other day I went to the store by myself.
And had a discussion to the imaginary child over which 
shampoo to buy.  I didn't even notice how that might
appear until someone kindly noted that I was 
talking to myself.
Thanks Carol! ;0)

but I digress...

So the self help talk concerning circus obsession 
went something like this:
You have approximately 
48 hours to 


To which I reply:



Mmmm look at these cool popcorn 
party favors!!! 
I should totally make those too!"

Monday, November 7, 2011


Was gonna put together a cutsie little 
Halloween blog post 
with amazing collages 
of perfectly edited pics of my little darlings...

Instead I realized I only 
took a few snaps of the day 

and have since scarfed bags of candy

and wondered wide eyed 
onto the next distractions.

As a reassurance that I am not 
an entirely defunct reject...

This years pumpkins made it to the 
trash before they
were sloppy moldy nastiness on my porch....

Years of training finally kicking in!!

But wait that gives me an idea...

We are carving a couple weeks 
earlier next year
so our pumpkins will be wicked on Halloween 
instead of the week after!!

So anyways....
Here's what i got:

Milo on the bus going to 
visit the nursing home 

Somebody said told him they 

liked his
rhinoceros costume.
Offended he told them 

he wasn't a rhinoceros, 
he was a rhino.

Duh...get it right,People!!

Of course Josi had a fantastic
costume as an old nerdy guy.
my camera...AWAL!!!

Miss turtle.
After dissolving 
Martha Stewart make-up 
plans with snot and slobber...

Refused more pictures
and crawled back into her shell.

Levi, dressed as the 
fuzzy headed big brother,
was in charge of de-gooping the pumpkins
and making everyone scream!!
Sure enjoyed my spooks this year!!