Monday, April 30, 2012

Well hello there...

I know I have been AWAL.
It's true.  
I'm sorry.
But for a month my oldest kid has been 
Driving me. Crazy.

No Really. It's True.
I know I don't look old enough
but let's face it I was a child bride.

So I have been carted around 
in the passenger's seat
and have decided to take full advantage.

One outing I made him drive me 
2 hours to 

You know, he needed Interstate experience.

Another day I made him tote me around
with my long lost camera.
I never just get to go on a treasure hunt 
for good pics...
and we spotted some doozies!

Poor Elsa isn't as thrilled as I am with 
these outings.
She HATES her carseat.

She swims against it like something is 
just holding her down.

I always say "Relax, Elsa!"

So the other day Daddy gets in the car
and she pipes up from the back...
"Relax, Daddy!"