Friday, April 29, 2011


There are those days when you wanna rewind, play over and rewind again. 
Like back in the day when we had cassette tapes.
Play your favorite song.

until you got back to the beginning. 
Then you could listen again for the hundredth time. 

Remember that??

wow life was complicated back then.

Today was not so complicated but totally ordinary and really wonderful.

Maybe it was because the stint of too many rainy days ended and the sun came out.

Maybe it was because I decided to let disaster prevail and forgot about the housework.
no pictures pleeeeeze

Mostly though it's cuz my apple blossoms are appearing.

cuz of dirtpiles and giggles.

cuz of the awesome walk therapy session with my pal.

And a mysterious message that appeared on our journey.

Cuz of an awesome reminder that behind teenage mutiny resides smart and loving human beings living in an interesting and complicated world called junior high.

Replay Today.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Blues!!

Elsa got new specs on Saturday.
We decided to change things up a bit and ordered BLUE frames....and BLUE they are!!!

Her vision had improved at the last visit and so her lenses are a smidgin thinner. YAY!

Please pardon the snot in the picture.  It comes as an added feature for the soon to be appearing front teeth.  She has one on bottom already, working on the other, and today I realized the top two are just about to pop!

I don't know what I'm gonna do with this girl!  This week she sat up in her crib by herself and pulled herself up to standing.  She is rockin on her hands and knees like she is just daring to crawl.  Before I know it she is going to be rolling her eyes and stompin around with a teenage attitude! 
As for talking back, she is practicing every day.  This week she said mama and my all time favorite: "tickle tickle!"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Writing from a sugar induced near coma.
Bought waaay to much candy for the kids so instead of filling the baskets I set some aside for May Day baskets. 

Yeah right.

So far I have polished off...

well let's not go into details...


Here are a few more pics of Easter.

We spent the day with my aunt and uncle and cousin. 
They hid eggs and filled us up with delicious food.

Love this of Milo, Keegan had just found the Golden Egg so he was hurrying to go check it out.


You are never too big
for an egg hunt.

Keegan and Levi look like they could be brothers!


My Babies!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Elsa's first Easter

She is already in love with all of it!
Eggs and Chocolate
Cute Little Outfits
And best of all,
she swooned at the
Resurrection Hymns!

Hope you had a great Easter!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

hush puppies

So in the last week or so I took some great and crazy pictures of this adventure that we are on.

Of the baby holding a cheerio victoriously in front of her giant specs.
brings tears to my eyes. really.

Of a yellow breasted blackbird sitting with his valiant chest puffed in pride among the lesser plain bosomed fowls. 
nature's flawless illustration of Dr. Seuss's sneeches.

Of the boy on his boyscout hike
actually I was forbidden to document, but a mom can dream, right?????

Of swings, and tutus, and maybe even the hint of a
bigger cracker box!


My computer is throwing a temper tantrum.  Selfish beast.

so instead of memories of love and laughter I bring you a most fantastic shot of...

hush puppies. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Top Ten

Elsa just turned 10 months!!!
i know, i know, it flew.

In celebration, she thought it would be fitting to share her 
top ten toy list. 
This could be great for any baby's first year,
but very well suited to a baby with limited vision. 

here goes:

1.Canning jar rings: Simple. Easy to hold.  Accompanied with the sound of the simmering pots of water, and the scent of a blossoming garden.  Also works well to exercise family.  Simply drop repeatedly and they do toe touches.

2.Lights. Lights. Lights.  My mom and dad realized I liked light up/noisy toys and overdid it a bit at Christmas.  Can you say arcade?? My favorites are the string of battery operated stars, a glow stick flashlight, and a strand of rope lights.

3.Rody.  My mom thinks I like it cuz it looks so cute, but it is really fun to sit on and bounce. 

4.Rubber lizard.  I think it grosses people out but I really love to chew on lizard toes. What? Like you don't have a few issues??

5.Keyboard.  I could sit here for hours.  Usually I try to focus on composing and bang out a few songs, but sometimes I really get into it and can't help but bust some moves.

6.Gym. When I was just a kid, I played with this all.the.time.  What I loved the most about it was that the toys never fell away where I couldn't see them. 

7.Swing.  This is my pure joy.  Try closing your eyes sometime while you float front to back and feel the way your entire being awakens.

8.Lay's snack chip bag. My teacher gave me a bag and it felt so amazing to crush those chips into nothingness. There was this great crinkling sound.  Man I loved that, I played with it tons! Until my big brother Milo stepped on it and chip pieces exploded across the living room.  I also was a big fan of the Sunchips bag. Unfortunately I heard they discontinued the packaging...I just cannot understand why???
9.Lil Tykes Tractor. Lately I discovered a fancy way to travel.  It's a bumpy ride and every once in a while I honk the horn.  Mom can only push me around for a little while before she makes some lame excuse about a broken back.  Oh well, soon I plan on stretching my feet to the ground and hitting the road on my own.

10.Squirty water star.  My most recent acquisition is this incredible floating bathtub toy.  You just push a button and there are lights and colors and it spins all around the tub.  I am in love. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

catching up.

My hands are cramping!

My hands are cramping!

I have been busy the last few days trying to rid myself of that nasty nagging guilt of letting things slip by. 
You know when you procrastinate, and procrastinate
and procrastinate?

Then you start to feel like a loser because you have been putting those couple or ten things off!!

So, my dog has his meds refilled.
  My kiddos have clean sheets.
don't even ask how long it has been...

and my Intro to Braille class through the Hadley School for the Blind is finally completed!

This online class is offered free for family members with visually impaired children.
Eight lessons gave me a great start to learning the letters, numbers and some punctuation in Braille.

source AFB

 I can recognise the letters and using a slate and stylus I can poke away and make words!

It is amazing how much concentration it took to think outside the box. 
I was like a little kindergartner struggling over making each letter.
For now I use my vision to read the dots, but have spent a lot of time closing my eyes and imagining becoming so familiar with the little buds on the paper that I could read by touch.

As for Elsa, it is too early to say if she will use Braille in her quest for literacy, but having an idea of the basics gives me hope that if she does, I will be able to decipher any love notes I find in her laundry.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Walkin Tree

i drove by this tree every time i went to the doctor when i was pregnant with elsa.  finally last week i took the time to stop and take a picture.  isn't that tree amazing??  it tells quite the story!

Friday, April 8, 2011

In polka dots...

The big sista Wendy had her art show on Friday night.
Her work is so amazing and what a thrill to see it beautifying the walls of the hip 
Raw Canvas gallery.

Just thought you might
wanna catch a glimpse!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Victory and a plunger. hmmm do you really wanna read this???

This morning started out like any typical morning.

Baby wakes up.
Sleep walk to get the baby.
Feed the baby…
go back to sleep.
Have a few weird morning dreams.
Eventually convince myself to get up.
Go into the privy…….

I will spare you a few details.

But then today things got a little crazy.

Staaaaay with me here…

I was sitting there when a 
darted across the floor.

Let me just say that mice to me are THE worst.

Yes, I am one of those
jump-up-on-a-chair kinda girls.



Keep in mind that in my
the bathroom is

Which means the mouse was within
a few feet!

But not my feet.

Because suddenly I was standing on top of the john.
It  took the entire half ounce of self-control that I possess,
not to shriek.
A verification of the gargantuan value of moments
when slumber reins the multitudes

In desperation the mouse ran back and forth
across the doorway
in search of an escape route.

Similarly my mind darted
back and forth
in search of an escape route.

One of us was going to have to leave the lavatory.

I am taking deep breaths
even as I type.
Keep it together girl.
Keep it together.

Scan bathroom for

Scan bathroom for
     prince charming??

Scan bathroom for
cell phone??????
Would 911 respond to this call?


And actually it turned out like a video game.


Mouse runs.

Hop down from toilet,
jump onto edge of tub.


Hop down from tub,
jump onto toilet.

Gasp as mouse runs vertically UP hamper!


Hop down from toilet,
jump onto edge of tub.


Now we are both stunned.
Well, one of us might be dead,
but you can never be sure.

After a few moments of regained composure (on my part)
I got a handful of TP.
But what if there was still movement???


So I grabbed a rag, too.

And, unbeknownst to me,
dumped a half of a box of Q-tips on the floor.

Tossed mouse outside.


Too bad I didn't go through with the surveillance idea. 
Coulda been the next YouTube sensation.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

life blows ;0)

It has been a whirlwind of a week
(do I say that every few days?)

and I'm just sitting
here watching
 the dust settle around me.

speaking of that... 
I was in a gravel tornado
for reals today.
You know like a dirt devil
only a little less cutesy
and a little more abusive? 


Here are just a few things
that flew our way! 

Elsa had surgery early
Thursday morning
and came through
like a trooper. 

Levi turned 14.
We celebrated with a morning
birthday party.
Ice Cream Cake for breakfast.

And what can I even say
about Josi going
to her very first dance???

I think the amazing wink was a result of overconsentration of watching mama take a picture. haha


Life is blowin by
waay too fast!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

blah-g blah-g blah-g

Been treading through my house this morning,
literally treading. 
It got me to thinking that something's gotta change around here.


And while I love the glory of shameless self promotion in writing of this crazy life,
I am beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with the pressure.

I would also hate to burn out my faithful readers...

So I have decided to post just a couple of times a week instead of every day.
In no time my babies will have grown, my taxi driving will be passed onto the older kids and I will have all kinds of time on my hands.

and i probably won't have anything to write about then haha

But for now; a little less talk
a lot more action.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, April 1, 2011

famous wendy

Remember last week when I said my sister Amy is gonna be famous?? Turns out she is not the only one!!! 

My other sister Wendy gains her fame tonight in her gallery debut! 

Here she is in her first television appearance!!!