Sunday, December 6, 2015

Let Your Light Shine

There are those things in our life
 that make us sparkle aren't there?
Things that light us up.
That brighten the world around us.

I have friends that bake during stress. 
This is their sparkle. 
They Shine in a flurry of whisking, 
and beating and blending.

They make pies and cookies and cakes. 
For Fun.

They decompress by flinging flour,
relax in a frenzy of sugar and baking powder.

A cupcake frosted is their glory.
A perfected red velvet cake
 and they are lit up like Clark Griswald.
Cookies whipped up for a potluck... 
they're as bright as a hundred foot 
twinkling string of lights!

This is uncomprehensible for those 
that do not operate in this Zone.
Those of us with a three year old can of  
blueberry pie filling  in the pantry
and a rotting refrigerated pie crust in the fridge.

Other than the ooohs and aaaws of our consumption 
that shine onto our taste buds 
and into our growling bellies,
we wonder at their Mojo.

Other people can push themselves physically.
They run races.
Lift weights.
Plank for more than 30 seconds.

These people set goals and knock them out of the park
and when they cross that finish line 
their lights radiate 
and we bask from our couches
in the glimmer of their victories.

Mmmm and the musicians...
The way their souls are on display.
The shining is through their songs.

We are moved.
That is the Mojo. That is the Zone. 
That is the northern light, iridescent, 
fiber optic version of lighting up the world around us.

These gifts seem innate.
Whether a drum beating strong,
or an orchestra exploding into the grand finale...
time and setting aside,
our hair stands on end as the music moves us.

If those with baking skills were surrounded 
by mere rice and beans
their dishes would still be delicacies.

If the athletic were building mud huts,
we would wonder at their strength.

I think God created us this way,
to shine His light in a darkening world.
The Creator.  The original. 

And to think that maybe each of us
 is a product of His Mojo. 
We are the beats to his song...
The fondant creations on His triple layer cake...
The Fakie-Beta-Flip 
with a Chinese-Ollie 
and a Ghetto-Bird 
on a skateboard.

My hope for you this Christmas 
is that you would shine your light.
That you would seek to find 
The Light Of The World.
And that you might never walk in darkness...

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sooo I got tired of the Facebook...

Three days into Thanksgiving break 
I reached the end of the internet...
decided you guys probably did the same
 so maybe I should write again.

Blogging will give me something to do
(other than pinterest fail crafts 
with the kids
and making fattening food 
for the hunk of a hubby)

and you will have something to read.

Win. Win.

So it has been a while.

Last post was August 10, 2014....

really nothing much has changed.

(oops I mean cycle) 

Although we did graduate a kid!! 
woo hoo VICTORY

I decided to paint again, 
and stay home again, 
and paint some more.

We got a dog.  
My new BFF.

I love him because he is loyal.

He stays up late with me
and follows me to the bathroom.

He puts his foot under mine 
when I am cooking...
then yipes as if he is being abused.

We got him thanks to the
Future Farmers of America Club.

They put on a "petting zoo" event
for the elementary school.

Which is actually a code for
"bring all your adorable puppies
to relocate to families 
with vulnerable parents
that are unprepared for the 
barrage of heart tugging
picture texts of youngest
children holding previously
mentioned dogs."

Sort of like when they have 
cute puppies for sale at the edge 
of the Walmart parking lot.

Only imagine your car stalled as you 
were driving by,
and the people just put the puppy
in your window and ran away.

We were too. 
But when it was all said 
and done, 
we were 
proud/dazed pet owners.
He is great really though.
Except for a few things 
like dog flatulence,
but really. 
He is great.

Oscar's presence has created
a new mantra for my life.
"Kids and Dogs"

It fits any situation for me.
Pretty much covers all things.
The vacuum has been recently utilized
but suddenly there appears:
8 Barbies
7896 legos
2 candy wrappers
a pair of underwear
and the remains of a soccer ball
on the dining room floor.

I say with a martyred sigh...
"kids and dogs

There needs to be a delivery
to choir practice,
someone needs a pair of socks,
the kitchen is on fire,
and the dog needs out to poop...
"kids and dogs

See how that works.

Now its midnight.
I have typed out a little update
and when the morning comes
there will be a sweet 
six o'clock
pitter patter of my babies
a sloppy kiss from the mutt
and I will (joyfully)
awake and (with a smile) murmur