Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Counting down the days until my big babies come home. 
I dropped them off with my amazing ma and pa over a month ago and sent them on the road trip of a life time...

North to ALASKA!!! 

In just a few days I will pack up the little bubblies in their car seats and go to retrieve the adventurers.

This might explain why I have only posted once or twice in the mean time.

My days have consisted of one main goal :
 wearing out Mr. Milo and Miss Elsa. 

The trick is to accomplish this goal without wearing out the mother.

So today's sleep inducing activity:


There are those in this world who take on the task of raising some beasts of the field in order to develop life skills.

These are people with super human powers.

Through rain and snow...
poop and muck

They spend day after day
and exercising
their animals.

They have meetings and
community service projects.
They give speeches and
organize fundraisers.

They are 4H kids and their families.

You might recognise them this time of year...
the mothers anyways...

 a little wild eyed,
the hint of pig smell,
maybe a tuft of lambs wool
 clinging to her t-shirt or
a trace of manure splattered up the back of her jeans
-the look of pure love!!

It was so fun to spend a few hours watching the Thompsons get ready for fair. 
Elsa learned to baa like a lamb.
And Milo had a blast with Allie.

And our mission:

the angels sleeping soundly as I type 

Good luck at the fair
Riley, Seth, and Allie


Monday, July 4, 2011

All American!!

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Elsa discovered her new favorite holiday.
She LOVED the fireworks!!!
Hope you enjoyed your friends, family, and community as much as we did today!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

There was an old lady who noticed a facebook status...

There will be no pictures to accompany the following story.

Some brilliant old lady
(not mentioning any names)
noticed a status update from a much less seasoned friend on facebook concerning a new exercise program....

"Cause of death:P90X"

You would think that this comment would give the jiggly mature woman a hint of trouble.

Instead, her quick typing fingers jumped in
piped up
volunteered for personal pain.

So here is how things went down...

I...I mean, she, as in-the older, riper character in our little story...

towed her two youngest children into the coffee shop to pick up the DVD of the workout from the chipper bubbly little missy. 

There was a hint of trouble when the old lady noticed an evil gleam in the young lady's eyes as she handed over the disc.

After the old lady
(i'm kinda getting sick of saying that!)
got home,
cooked 800 lbs. of pork roasts for the boyscouts,
chased a three year old around the yard for 45 minutes,
got caught by a friend blowing up the baby pool while laying with her face in the grass balancing the baby who was already trying to get into the pool,

is this getting to be a run-on sentence?? 
Stay with me here...

fed the children supper,
gave them a bath
tucked them into bed,


She bounded downstairs
and rared up the ol' DVD
and started warming up.
"How hard could it be??"
She thought,
shortly before she realized she could not even do


on her knees.

Now the plan was for the older lady to do some catching up while the younger lady took a few days off.  Then they would be on the same schedule and could work out together.


So, she struggled through,
attempted to lift,
and pull and push.
It was ugly.
Real ugly.

And now she sits at her computer.
Her body numb except for the fingers that got her into this mess in the first place.

She wonders...

"If you remove comments from a day old facebook conversation,
does that mean you are freed from any unwise commitments made therein?"

Then falls asleep,
her drool pooling on the keyboard.

To be continued...