Sunday, October 16, 2011


There are seasons in life that seem waaay complicated.
Top of the list...
Especially if you are a girl.
Can you say DRAMA???

But there is tucked away,
between rolling eyes and mean girls,
one redeeming factor.

Before the jr. high volleyball games,
each team does chants as they warm up.

Did you do these when you were young?
It's awesome.

The coach tosses the ball for the girls 
to bump it back,
One girl starts out the chant 
with her team-mates echoing back.

Listening to it fills me with delight.
It is a picture of middle school,
the fun sing song chants of a little girl.
mixed with the confidence of older competition.

And the beauty of hearing the unity;
a team, and a place to belong,

My name is Josi and you know what I got??
What do you got?
I gotta team that is hotta than hot!
How hot is hot?
Bump set spike and aces too.
uh-huh uh-huh
Now let's see what "Suzy" can do!!

Our team is what? DYNAMITE!
Our team is what? DYNAMITE!
Our team is

Your team is what? DYNAMITE!
Your team is what? DYNAMITE!
Your team is
Hold on, Wait a minute...
You ain't got no BOOM in it!


  1. I think all high school/middle school events should start like this:


  2. Clint...
    That cracked me up! I think I make those faces about every night at my children, never thought of it of a war chant though.