Tuesday, February 7, 2012


these two are getting to be the bestest of buddies...
and the wooliest of warriors!

So many sunshiney days it was starting to not feel like winter.

Until this weekend.

We took down Elsa's crib and got her a big girl bed.
 This is how things looked for a week...at least!

 Ain't it great to be CRAZY????

The Hank Picture that didn't upload during my sleep deprived post.

And in my spare time I drill holes in 22 shells raided from Levi's room
and hook them onto rusty washers raided from Grandpa's shop.
Why ask why??

Also in my spare time I have been doing baby bleacher aerobics
while watching this girl in these shoes race down the basketball court.
My camera cannot handle the lighting or chaos of such situations
so this is the only shot I've got.

In her spare moments, she covers her ears while I boss her around,
runs away when she isn't supposed to,
and melts my heart with her sweet little smiles.

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  1. Oh my goodness that last picture melted me! What a doll she is!!! It's about time you got some pics up!