Monday, April 30, 2012

Well hello there...

I know I have been AWAL.
It's true.  
I'm sorry.
But for a month my oldest kid has been 
Driving me. Crazy.

No Really. It's True.
I know I don't look old enough
but let's face it I was a child bride.

So I have been carted around 
in the passenger's seat
and have decided to take full advantage.

One outing I made him drive me 
2 hours to 

You know, he needed Interstate experience.

Another day I made him tote me around
with my long lost camera.
I never just get to go on a treasure hunt 
for good pics...
and we spotted some doozies!

Poor Elsa isn't as thrilled as I am with 
these outings.
She HATES her carseat.

She swims against it like something is 
just holding her down.

I always say "Relax, Elsa!"

So the other day Daddy gets in the car
and she pipes up from the back...
"Relax, Daddy!"


  1. SEVERAL photos in this post almost made me bawl. Especially the one of Levi. OK I am bawling.

  2. Glad to see you back to the blogging world! RELAX!