Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Trails!!

Well here I sit at my Dad's computer. 
An odd silence in this
usually happening place. 
Elsa and Milo are snoozing in the other room.
And I'm thinking about
joining them.

After we shoved all of our junk into the nooks and crannies of our house and called it settled,
we came up to the mountains to celebrate the annual
Rodeo Weekend.

My sister took some
awesome pictures of our
hometown celebration!!

Milo riding the cart behind Riley the horse!

Yep, that's Grammy dancing with Smokey the Bear in the Parade!!

We also came to 
 drop off Levi and Josi
for their Alaskan adventure.

They left yesterday. 


The one unfilled compartment underneath the massive motor home beckoned my name. 

I even climbed in to see if maybe
I could stow away. 
And there was room,
enough to stay comfy
for an hour or two,
but I don't think the
pacifier would have fit...
or the baby for that matter...
not to mention Milo
or his stuffed Moose.

And the view would not have been spectacular.
 but my battery on my camera is dead.
So that wouldn't be so bad.

Anyways, I will head back home tomorrow.
I would say "with the little ones,"
But Milo informed me yesterday that he has moved into the
"Big Kid" category.

So tomorrow I will head home with the little one and the big one,
and long to hear all the tales
of the other big kids'

Happy Trails to you!!!

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