Tuesday, June 14, 2011

bye-bye highway 59

So it has been a while.

But it takes time
raking through every single treasure within the multitudes.

You start out



No wasted space in a box.
The trailer filling up like an intense tetris game.

Memories awaken as you stumble on love notes misspelled with crayons.

Ratty old blankies only survive the purge by the salvation of the past that wraps around you as you remember snuggling up.

It is like an engagement.  Exciting.
New House=New Hope
The solution to a few issues morphs into the fix-all.

At least I must have conveyed that idea to the kids. 
"After the move we won't hafta...."
fill in the blank

Well Levi picked up on the notion because as I tackled a pile of laundry one day he
encouragingly said,
"Just think mom, after the move you won't hafta....O i guess we will still have laundry."

But as packing progresses

jewels become junk 

fondness: frustration

as you scribble
with a faded sharpie for the 997th time.

Eventually you start shoving
and even get to the point of googling the number for the "Hoarders" TV show
in hopes of them reconciling your personal misgivings.

In the end, we all survived
and are elated to be in our home.

  I asked Milo what he liked the most. 
First he said the porch,
which is really the closest thing to heaven around here.
  Then he said he really likes
"the Big!"

And I would have to agree! 
We have some room to breathe...
and we have more than one bathroom now so we have more room to...
well lets just say the line to the potty has dwindled

We have a living room DOWNSTAIRS. 

And a few great hangout spots UPSTAIRS!!!
...cranky mothers can run away!

So goodbye to our sweet cracker box on Highway 59.

We will keep the name here on the blog...
You know keeping close to our roots!

And hello to town from the hillbillies on the corner!!

ps. no pics yet cuz i still hafta find the cord...it was relocated in the cramming stage of packing.

pps. (or is it pss??) Stay posted for a few lessons we have learned on Town Living!

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  1. I thought you were ending your blog! You scared me.