Wednesday, January 4, 2012

golly what a day

Around Christmas I bought a new 
package of sharpies.

Been filling up my sketch pad
getting some valentine
ideas a rollin.

You could just call me

now i have this stuck in my head:

Mmmmm hhmmm.  
I do love Roger Miller.

back to the doodling.

Have you ever gone to

It is really fun to upload a doodle 
and play around with it.

So now you have no excuses.
Leave the dishes.
Forget the laundry.
Who cares if you have
cheerio carpet in your kitchen.
You have important things to do...

You know,
Life Changing Things.

Editing Doodles.


  1. That website would be cool! If I ever doodled, I could use it. :-) Awesome.