Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Betty Barf-up

Early the other morning Elsa wanted to swing.
Rather than finding shoes, socks, sweatshirts, coats, mittens, hats.........
My mind raced for an alternative....
hmmm....a swing without the park....
out pops the good ol' jenny-jump-up!!!

It was magic!! Happy Day!!!

Fasty Forward to later that night.
Mr. Milo needed some one on one mama time
and Elsa was beggin for the "swing."

I gave in and made everybody happy.
After Milo beat me at a looong game of Toy Story Memory,
(I wish I could say that I let him win)
I took Elsa out of the jumper.
She seemed thirsty...
swallowing in a strange way.
But when I held up the cup for water 
she shoved my hand away and did
what anyone sane would do after 
an eternally long winding and unwinding episode...
she hurled.

Live and learn...right?
So now we set the timer.
and now she doesn't seem to spin around as much.
And Jenny Jump-up has a new name...
Betty Barf-up
and I am going for mom of the year.

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