Friday, May 18, 2012

in total avoidance.

I have no point here.
Actually I am avoiding doing 
what I oughtta be doing
and in the scope of things 
this seems way more fun
and I can pretend that 
it is really important.

So first things first...

Not being much of a cereal gal myself

{OK so at one point I did live on cheerios 
everyday for a half a millennium}

I don't usually like the 
sugary junk.

But yesterday I discovered this treasure in the bare cupboard.

Yes that is 
Cocoa puffies 
in the same bowl 
from the same bag.

{and yes I did eat it}
{and yes I did have two bowls}
{and yes I liked it so much I texted a 
picture to my sister}

The kids are so happy when Dad does the shopping.

Which  has been lots 
lately because with my 
pea brain, comes some 
involuntary half concussions 
where I suddenly forget 
that it is my responsibility 
to shop...
or cook 
for that matter.

And now that I look back over the last day or two I am a little concerned.

Wait a second....
we did eat blueberries.

I remember now cuz Elsa called them Bluebabies....

Whew that was a close one.

Mostly lately we have been lounging outside.

{Thinking up ways to kill the commune of nasty 
millers that live in our big trees.  
Don't even get me started...}

And playing in our pool and sandbox.

Oh and I have been slightly obsessing over an upcoming wedding for my niece.

{this picture is for you Liz}

And redecorating 
Milo and Elsa's room.

In which I cussed those that had wallpapered before us.

And swore I would NEVER apply that monstrosity...

And promptly mod podged a half of a dictionary to the wall.

I did however make a pact with myself 
that I would also be the 
one to remove it 
sometime down the road.

{But don't quote me on that}

The children have braved the last few days of school. 

{uninjured by their grouchy mother, I might add}

And tomorrow I will ship 
them all away to 
their grammy and pappy.

for a week.

{don't know quite whether to snivel or hollar} 

So here we come summer.

{and here I go...
back to the real reason I sat down at the computer 
in the first place}



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