Saturday, May 28, 2011


Levi is officially a high schooler.
I am officially old.


but sooooo proud of the man he is.

Josi is officially a HJHS Cheerleader!!
Officially given permission to
 scream her head off! 
Go* Josi* GO**

Milo is officially a certified May Day runner and pinata whacker.

He officially loves puppies and if I were a slightly weaker mother Max would have a new pal.

Elsa is officially blowing me away. 

In the past month she has started crawling...saying words...pulling herself up to cruise...and eating stuff off of the floor.

It may sound crazy but every time she shoves something nasty in her mouth I am thrilled-because she can SEE tiny things on the floor!

And Elsa isn't the only one
on the move.
We are officially packing!!! 

Yep the country bumpkins are getting city-fied...our new crackerbox is right by the park...right by the pool...a few blocks from school.

So worried about how my van will feel,
abandoned or getting some well earned R&R??? 

So I have officially used up my morning blabbing away so I better  get my official rear in gear!!!

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