Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Vinivan

Last summer just before Elsa was born, I tried to wedge myself in between two car seats in the back of our Ford Taurus, in an attempt to see how my growing family would fit into a shrinking car.  It was sure to be a tight fit, but I reasoned that something would work out, and if necessary we could just take both vehicles. 

Fast forward a few weeks to a bigger belly and a trip to Ft. Collins.  I pulled up to the Orthopedic Center of the Rockies, parked my car, and went in the doors to see my Dad, who would soon be getting a brand new hip.  He was just getting ready to be taken back to surgery when he told me he had something for me.  It was a set of keys to a Dodge Caravan!! 

With the love that only a father can have for his kid, he had traded off his Harley…yes you read that right…a Harley traded for a minivan.  You cannot imagine the relief and overwhelming gratitude I felt at that moment.  My family would have a way to hit the road all in one pile!  And hit the road we have!!!

Milo calls it the “Vinivan.”  It is our home away from home.  We have burned up the highways together.  Inside its doors we have laughed our heads off, shed a few tears, had a few diaper blow outs, watched football games, and sang at the top of our lungs. Its top adventures are bringing home a baby, going to Milo’s first movie, and whacking a deer during corn harvest.

We have driven to Denver more times than I care to remember, gone to family parties and hauled our friends around.  The vinivan is a loyal friend just sitting outside our door waiting for our twelve feet to trample in and head out on the highway.


  1. Oh wow. Made me tear up. You have a great daddy!

  2. i love that photo of u in the rearview