Friday, February 25, 2011

Wall Walker

Our hometown has a wonderful park, complete with a running fountain, a great playground, and a walking path that winds through the beautiful trees. 
Surrounding the park is an amazing rock wall.  Every kid that grew up here has put one foot right in front of the other making their way around.

So this week on a sunny afternoon, I snuck off to the park with my best little buddy in tow. 
After we chased around a bit and climbed all over the carved bulldog stumps, it was time to join in on tradition and let Milo take his first trek along the wall.

  At first he was nervous but in the end he did it all by himself joining the ranks of wondrous wall walkers.


  1. Cute! What an accomplishment! :)

  2. Yay! Wall walking!! Cherry and I used to do this all the time. Actually we would usually race- start at the same point and see who could make it around the fastest. :)

  3. Holly, I just have to say I really enjoy reading your blog! Thank you for sharing this stuff with all of us.

    --Clint Harris