Monday, August 1, 2011


Right now.
milo is in his jammies.
it's 4:39.
he has been a dog for the past few days.
elsa is playing with the shopvac.
the 15th chocolate chip cookie of the day smeared across her specs.
i should be cleaning my mama's house
or weeding her overgrown yard
or cooking up some yummilicious treat for the homecoming party tomorrow.
but i'm busy.
digesting the other half of the box of cookies.
i tried to replace the tank-top-with-jeans-and flip-flops tan lines
by laying in the tanning bed and cremated myself.
i have consumed too much allergy medicine.
too much sugar.
too much caffeine.
plus i'm just realizing that what used to be procrastination
has morphed into paralysis.
it's like i'm waiting until the last minute
but then i just decide it's too much hassle in the end.
it might be because i am at that awkward stage of parenting
when your baby gets to be a year
and you realize you do still exist
but forgot a bit of who you are between diapers
and bottles and repositioning baby socks.
i'm sure i will come back around
as soon as public school takes over as boss.
summer vacation will disappear
and ballgames and bedtimes will rule.
my baby will stroll into toddlerhood
my preschooler will waltz into the halls of the elementary school
my girl will paint her eyes and my boy will start to shave
and i will be reminded of how quickly my littles grow up.
i guess for now it's good enough just to be Mom.


  1. awwwww holly! you know just how to say things. Reason enough just to wane a day away. what did you do all afternoon? I really love when you finally blog. now git off yer hiney cuz mom is coming the hell home and i have not done anything either and at 4:38 tomorrow heads will roll.

  2. oh girl, I'm with ya. "Morphed into paralysis" is the perfect description of my current realm!