Monday, August 15, 2011

Binder Blues

So my camera has taken a bit of a hiatus. 
I guess somewhere along the lines it got the message that it was summer vacation. 
Maybe now that the vacation is ending it will "snap" out of it.
OK that was real cheesy!

And as vacation drifts away,
We are ready for school to start.
I should say that I am personally ready for school to start.

It always feels victorious to have survived the traumatising event of school supply shopping.

Really it shouldn't
have been so hard.
Larry took Levi,
and Milo only needed
 a handful of things.

So it was just Josi and me.
We hit Target for a little variety.

I had the list handy.
Which is an improvement from most years

I had only 1/4 of my children.

It was set into the plans and budget to do the dirty deed.

So I am not exactly sure when or why things went downhill.

Am I the only one in the Universe that has sticker shock when it comes to 3 ring binders????

Does anyone else have a coronary over the price of
 plastic pencil bags?

Am I the only mother who feels the urge to grab her children by the arm and run frantically away from the brightly colored school supply section????

Maybe that is why it is tucked back into the far corner of the store!!
It is the only time of year I see mothers having the department store meltdown.

Instead of toddlers throwing tantrums,
there are middle aged women crying and kicking amongst the big bins of glue sticks.

Or maybe that was only me!?!

I knew things were going downhill when I refused to buy a $6 dry erase marker board.

It is actually one of the most important of school supplies for a seventh grade girl with a locker.

I tried the deep breathing techniques,
tried positive thinking,
threw out a few prayers.

I did finally get control of myself,
 but made her swear to get the cheapest one out there.

I asked the nice girl at the checkout counter if they provide post supply shopping counseling.

She just looked at me funny.


  1. I never understood why my mother dreaded school supply shopping until my first episode in a crowded aisle filled with angry, frantic women battling it out over the last box of Crayolas.
    Order online. It's much less frightening!

  2. Funny...brought back many memories, some pleasant, some not so...