Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some amazing kids with amazing families

When Elsa was first born and we found out about her vision, the Internet became a really important tool to learn about her diagnosis.
 There were complicated genetic research websites that overwhelmed me with long explanations. 
There were medical websites and blind education websites that provided a handle on the new terminology that was flooding our conversations. 
There were resources all over the world wide web that related to our baby's conditions. 
But the websites that have given me more  hope than anything are blogs by
people in similar situations telling their stories.

Because a diagnosis feels heavy.

It is scary.

It makes you feel like you are separate from the normal world.

It gives you a unique view and sometimes that different outlook feels lonely.

So it has been really encouraging to meet  some lovely families traveling the same road.

Here are just a few that I follow:


All amazing kids with amazing families!!


  1. You are so right on with how the internet can be with the big "diagnosis". It is heavy.
    Thanks for these new links, I'm going to check them out for sure. My blog friends (like you) are the ones who keep me going too.

  2. Thanks! I just love seeing pictures of your darling girl in her glasses. The family blogs are the ones that speak to me and give me hope! Medical information is great but I need to hear it from real families.

  3. oh thanks..Nothing beats hearing from other people. I have learned more about my daughters educations from other parents then I have from teachers and 'professionals' I have taught my daughters teacher things. I have to blog more. We have had such a busy summer.

  4. something is wrong with my google account and every stinkin time i read any of your posts i ramble out a long winded comments and then go on a goose chase of typing in the stupid verification words and back to the sign in page. It always erases my comments. Just want you all to know that you have meant so much to me in this extraordinary journey.