Friday, August 19, 2011

a beautiful belly

It was one of those moments.
You know the ones
where your emotional collapse
takes you
(and often an unlucky someone else)
by surprise??

I pulled up to the gas station
and my cell phone rang.
My buddy Sara on the other end.
What started out as
"hey howya doin?"
Quickly digressed into a
bumbling slobbering mess.

Right there at the gas pump.

Somehow amidst school starting,
Milo's birthday, Elsa's surgery,
and some jr. high drama...

My train derailed and I fell apart.

We had planned on taking Sara's preggo pics. 
I said we could wait until next week.
But she saw right through it
and like a great friend
sent me a text.

"I will be at your house @ 7
and we can go take pics."

Just the escape I needed.
A night to take pictures
of a wonderful person waiting
for the most wonderful gift.

So we enjoyed an hour of fresh air.
And thanks to a lovely neighbor
with a lovely yard,
and a beautiful belly
on a beautiful girl...
we got some great pics!!

mama waiting

on a bicycle built for two

her pot of gold


farm girl

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