Monday, November 28, 2011

my vision

This song has been running 
through my brain 
for the past few weeks.

Saving me in moments of 
downright desperation.

I seem to get a little outta funk 
once in a while.
You know... 
poor poor pitiful me kinda thinking.

I just started belting this out 
the other night
and other than traumatizing 
my entire family with my 
offbeat n outta tune vocals
I felt better right away.

Usually I listen to it from one of 
my favorite chicks, Ginny Owens
but I couldn't find a video 
of her singing it.

So I was searching away and 
you know how one thing 
leads to another online?

Well, I stumbled right onto this genius!

(o wow just had to spell check genius 
which made me feel like a dummy)

So unless you have 6 minutes to kill,
you should definitely fasty forward to 
about halfway cuz
he is just warming up for a 
loooong time.

but the man can beat this guitar!!!

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