Monday, November 7, 2011


Was gonna put together a cutsie little 
Halloween blog post 
with amazing collages 
of perfectly edited pics of my little darlings...

Instead I realized I only 
took a few snaps of the day 

and have since scarfed bags of candy

and wondered wide eyed 
onto the next distractions.

As a reassurance that I am not 
an entirely defunct reject...

This years pumpkins made it to the 
trash before they
were sloppy moldy nastiness on my porch....

Years of training finally kicking in!!

But wait that gives me an idea...

We are carving a couple weeks 
earlier next year
so our pumpkins will be wicked on Halloween 
instead of the week after!!

So anyways....
Here's what i got:

Milo on the bus going to 
visit the nursing home 

Somebody said told him they 

liked his
rhinoceros costume.
Offended he told them 

he wasn't a rhinoceros, 
he was a rhino.

Duh...get it right,People!!

Of course Josi had a fantastic
costume as an old nerdy guy.
my camera...AWAL!!!

Miss turtle.
After dissolving 
Martha Stewart make-up 
plans with snot and slobber...

Refused more pictures
and crawled back into her shell.

Levi, dressed as the 
fuzzy headed big brother,
was in charge of de-gooping the pumpkins
and making everyone scream!!
Sure enjoyed my spooks this year!!

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  1. You seriously crack me up!
    Very cute. I'm glad you guys had a good Halloween!