Wednesday, November 16, 2011

diaper tent

What you're gonna need:

15-20 size one diapers 
clear tape
1 regular size roll of toilet paper
1 yard ribbon 
poster board
dinner plate
hot glue gun
decorative paper

1. To form the "walls" of the tent, roll diapers from folded end and secure with tape.
Gather diapers into a circle.  (I started by placing some around a roll of toilet paper, tied those together with the ribbon, then removed the tp roll and filled in with remaining diapers.)

2. Trace a dinner plate onto poster board. Mark the center of the circle, then cut from the edge of circle to center dot.  Pull the edges of the circle to overlap a bit, forming a cone.  Adapt size of cone to the top of diaper circle. Glue edges. This will be the top of the circus tent. 

3. Cut a strip of poster board about 1-2 inches wide and long enough to go all the way around the topper. Scallop one edge, then put a line of glue around the edge of topper and stick on the strip.

4. Paint topper.

5. Trace a 3 inch circle onto poster board. Scallop the edge with scissors then form a cone. Again,securing with hot glue.

6. Make a small flag from decorative paper and a toothpick.  Insert into center of small circle.  Turn the circle over and glue flag in place.

7. Set the small circle with flag into the center of the topper and glue it.

8. Place roof onto diaper circle.  I didn't attach it since it was used as a table decoration, but you could tack it to the walls with a bit of tape.

And there ya have it! 

A diaper circus tent for that sweet mama to be!!

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