Wednesday, November 2, 2011

laryngitis leaves it's lessons:

been meaning to post 
but things got a little 
outta control last week

and i lost my voice so i couldn't type.

 with the voice box locked up all tight 
I began to realize a few things:

1. Milo casually mentioned that the world had changed since I lost my voice. 
Hmmm...What does that mean????
I guess I yell use a higher decibel too much. 

2. Kids listen way better when you hafta lean over and whisper in their ear. 
(And make dramatic faces to enunciate your point)

3. "what???" gets old fast when you are sporting a scratchy little whisper in the first place.

4. I sing all the time, but didn't realize it.

5. As my voice came back I could sing just like Stevie Nicks.  Just ask my kids. 

6. You can get away without answering a million questions when you are mute.

7. Our family communicates frequently by shouting clear across the house, 
even Elsa, who at the ripe age of 16 months has mastered yelling 
"Stop It!" 
any time she is frustrated.

Thankfully the voice has reappeared

I have returned to my rambling,

and the world has gone back to 
the way it once was.

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