Friday, September 23, 2011

getting my act together

I really should be cleaning
or playing with the kids at least
but I'm on my second cup of coffee.
Thinking about what I oughtta be doing.
I have restarted my commitment to the flylady

.FlyLady's FlyToon

She is really bossy some days,
but if you listen, your life gets fixed right up.

Only it works like this for me:
Monday: wash your sheets, dust, vacuum, mop and gather trash

Tuesday: No "big" assignment so usually I think about doing what I was supposed to do on Monday.

Wednesday: Plan menus.
When I actually do this I sit down with a piece of paper...
maybe at the computer.
Stare at the sale ads.
Stare at a pile of coupons or
better yet search for printable coupons online.
Try to download some mysterious coupon printer.
Take apart the printer to see why it isn't connecting to the computer.
Search for recipes that coincide with both a coupon and what's on sale.
Try to figure out if anyone would even eat all the strange things I come up with.

Thursday: Go to the store for groceries.

Remember that Thursday morning is the worst time for shopping since everybody already bought the good stuff and the new truck isn't unloaded yet.
Ditch coupons.
Ditch menus.
Buy 18 cans of sloppy joes.
Buy economy pack of buns.
Forget to buy hamburger.

Friday: Realize I have forgotten to do all of the other stuff I was supposed to do.
Yell at the kids for leaving their shoes all over.
Pick up 17 pairs of my own shoes laying all over.
Sweep up Monday's cheerios off of the kitchen floor.
Decide to wait until next week to mop since it isn't technically the day for that.

Saturday: Family fun day!
Whoo hoooo. don't have to do nothin.

Sunday: Rest.
I know it has been a busy week!!!!

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