Monday, September 12, 2011

The Baby Shower

Remember a few weeks ago
when I had the privilege of taking belly shots
of this gorgeous girl??

Well from her perspective,
time is inching along.
But for me time is
flying closer and closer to baby!!! 

In order to celebrate
she let me throw her a little
Baby shower luncheon.

Of course, I do not have the brain power
to remember to take pictures of the
actual event
but I had a great time
obsessing over it in preparation!

Pooches & Pick-ups Trucks Spring

This is the fabric
she picked for baby's room.
So i decided to just roll with it!

I decided to make the invites.
Which required a trip to the paper section
of the craft store. 
Did you know they have brads
that look like little screws??? 

So after snipping and punching
and attacking the paper
with my handy-dandy sewing machine,
this is how they turned out:

Another fun project we did
was a cute little white felt bunting.
(I say we cuz Milo
was the official white button hunter)

 We hung them across the windows
 in the screen porch.

Using this tutorial 
I made little chocolate kiss containers
and loaded up some old trucks
that Larry had as a kid.

Like a true farm town girl,
I raided a harvested Millet field
for leftovers and added some
trumpet vine flowers from my yard. 

Can you believe that these
quircky little berries were
growing on the vines on my porch?

I looove it when I'm making something
and stumble on what I want
right under my nose!!!

So I added these arrangements
to the windows.

And of course,
being the super cool chick that she is,
miss mama brought a tray full
of these delights for the tables!!

Add in food, some Grandmas, and some great Pals,
and there you have a baby shower.

Now just bring on the little tike!!!!

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