Sunday, September 11, 2011

Teaching the kids to color on walls.

The other day I thought
(or likely said out loud)
to myself...

"Girl! You have lived here three months and not a drop of paint has splattered across the floor.

Get in gear!
Let's see those bristles bristle,
those rollers roll."

So I obeyed that smart ol' voice in my head
and got out a trusty gallon of black paint.
What?? you don't just have a spare gallon
of black paint laying around???

Slapped it up on the wall.
Followed by a couple of coats of chalkboard paint from my supplier mother.

Then I read...
"allow to cure for 1 week."

Don't know that I have ever been able to wait a week for anything.
Well maybe for lolly gagging
 babies that refused birth.
But that is another story altogether.

So I did it.
Well I waited 3 days.
Then I figured that since technically
when you have a baby at home each day's length strings out ultra long. So that would be 4. 
And with the heat, 5
and the multiple wind gusts from the kids opening and shutting the door, 6 &7
 It was surely enough time.

Our hero ran to the store and bought us two boxes of chalk and away we drew.

I'm thinking of finishing off 
the entire house with it.

One. Big. Canvas.

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