Saturday, September 24, 2011

Update on Elsa...

It has been a while since I updated you all on Elsa's vision.  
Looking back at where she started,
 this girl has made incredible progress.
Since March of this year Elsa has changed in so many ways,
just like all kids do the first year.  
But the most exciting growth she has had
is with her vision.

In March, when the teacher came from the Anchor Center,
she thought Elsa could see 18 inches.
Now Elsa's vision measures in feet!

I don't know how much detail she can see at a distance 
but I am sure that she recognize things up to 6 feet away.
She got new specs earlier in the year and they helped tremendously.

chowing down on her birthday!

When Elsa was born she never gazed into my eyes 
like a typical newborn.
I would say that of all the stresses of her visual impairment, 
that one hurt me the most.

But this year on the Fourth of July, 
Elsa gazed at the fireworks,
then turned around and deliberately looked into my eyes.

I will never forget that moment.

Watching fireworks could be her favorite new pastime

Since last year, Elsa's eye pressure in her 
left eye continued to increase
putting her at risk for glaucoma.
So earlier in the summer, surgery was done to
 slow the production of fluids
and decrease the pressure.  
She still has to do eye drops
 a few times a day, 
but the surgery was successful.  
We will keep her pressure monitored every 3-4 months
with an exam under anesthesia.

Last month we took Elsa once again to The Children's Hospital
for a surgery to uncross her eyes.  
It is amazing to me the knowledge and 
skill that her doctor has used for the good of Elsa. 
We have to patch Elsa's stronger eye a few hours a day 
to train her weaker eye.  So far the results are pleasing.

So thanks for the continued prayers for Elsa.

She is a strong and curious girl with
not a fear in the world.


  1. So happy to hear Elsa is doing so well! That picture of her watching fireworks is wonderful.

  2. Hanna LOVES fireworks too. I'm so glad to see sweet Elsa doing so good!