Thursday, September 15, 2011

Growing Corn

This week I had the privilege 
of working on an interesting paint job.

The house had been owned by a local 
family that decided to rebuild.

Instead of demolishing their 
previous farmhouse
they sold it to a nice couple 
just starting out.

The house was moved over 40 miles 
in just a matter of hours.

Amazingly it survived 
the relocation with just a few cracks
in the drywall.

Included in the damage was
a beautiful mural of a cornfield
painted by a local artist in 2000, 
whom had since relocated.

The new family decided to 
keep the mural in the 
nursery for their upcoming
baby girl.

Being Pioneer Seed 
they had the corn grow up
in front of the  
Garst sign and 
around the corner

The white vertical line is the drywall repair.


On an another wall 
the family chose lime green
to match the nursery bedding
We added some butterfly details.

I had a wonderful time getting 
to know this mamma-to-be,
and wish her and her 
growing family the 
best in their new home.

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