Thursday, April 14, 2011

catching up.

My hands are cramping!

My hands are cramping!

I have been busy the last few days trying to rid myself of that nasty nagging guilt of letting things slip by. 
You know when you procrastinate, and procrastinate
and procrastinate?

Then you start to feel like a loser because you have been putting those couple or ten things off!!

So, my dog has his meds refilled.
  My kiddos have clean sheets.
don't even ask how long it has been...

and my Intro to Braille class through the Hadley School for the Blind is finally completed!

This online class is offered free for family members with visually impaired children.
Eight lessons gave me a great start to learning the letters, numbers and some punctuation in Braille.

source AFB

 I can recognise the letters and using a slate and stylus I can poke away and make words!

It is amazing how much concentration it took to think outside the box. 
I was like a little kindergartner struggling over making each letter.
For now I use my vision to read the dots, but have spent a lot of time closing my eyes and imagining becoming so familiar with the little buds on the paper that I could read by touch.

As for Elsa, it is too early to say if she will use Braille in her quest for literacy, but having an idea of the basics gives me hope that if she does, I will be able to decipher any love notes I find in her laundry.

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