Friday, April 22, 2011

hush puppies

So in the last week or so I took some great and crazy pictures of this adventure that we are on.

Of the baby holding a cheerio victoriously in front of her giant specs.
brings tears to my eyes. really.

Of a yellow breasted blackbird sitting with his valiant chest puffed in pride among the lesser plain bosomed fowls. 
nature's flawless illustration of Dr. Seuss's sneeches.

Of the boy on his boyscout hike
actually I was forbidden to document, but a mom can dream, right?????

Of swings, and tutus, and maybe even the hint of a
bigger cracker box!


My computer is throwing a temper tantrum.  Selfish beast.

so instead of memories of love and laughter I bring you a most fantastic shot of...

hush puppies. 

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