Friday, April 29, 2011


There are those days when you wanna rewind, play over and rewind again. 
Like back in the day when we had cassette tapes.
Play your favorite song.

until you got back to the beginning. 
Then you could listen again for the hundredth time. 

Remember that??

wow life was complicated back then.

Today was not so complicated but totally ordinary and really wonderful.

Maybe it was because the stint of too many rainy days ended and the sun came out.

Maybe it was because I decided to let disaster prevail and forgot about the housework.
no pictures pleeeeeze

Mostly though it's cuz my apple blossoms are appearing.

cuz of dirtpiles and giggles.

cuz of the awesome walk therapy session with my pal.

And a mysterious message that appeared on our journey.

Cuz of an awesome reminder that behind teenage mutiny resides smart and loving human beings living in an interesting and complicated world called junior high.

Replay Today.

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