Sunday, April 17, 2011

Top Ten

Elsa just turned 10 months!!!
i know, i know, it flew.

In celebration, she thought it would be fitting to share her 
top ten toy list. 
This could be great for any baby's first year,
but very well suited to a baby with limited vision. 

here goes:

1.Canning jar rings: Simple. Easy to hold.  Accompanied with the sound of the simmering pots of water, and the scent of a blossoming garden.  Also works well to exercise family.  Simply drop repeatedly and they do toe touches.

2.Lights. Lights. Lights.  My mom and dad realized I liked light up/noisy toys and overdid it a bit at Christmas.  Can you say arcade?? My favorites are the string of battery operated stars, a glow stick flashlight, and a strand of rope lights.

3.Rody.  My mom thinks I like it cuz it looks so cute, but it is really fun to sit on and bounce. 

4.Rubber lizard.  I think it grosses people out but I really love to chew on lizard toes. What? Like you don't have a few issues??

5.Keyboard.  I could sit here for hours.  Usually I try to focus on composing and bang out a few songs, but sometimes I really get into it and can't help but bust some moves.

6.Gym. When I was just a kid, I played with this all.the.time.  What I loved the most about it was that the toys never fell away where I couldn't see them. 

7.Swing.  This is my pure joy.  Try closing your eyes sometime while you float front to back and feel the way your entire being awakens.

8.Lay's snack chip bag. My teacher gave me a bag and it felt so amazing to crush those chips into nothingness. There was this great crinkling sound.  Man I loved that, I played with it tons! Until my big brother Milo stepped on it and chip pieces exploded across the living room.  I also was a big fan of the Sunchips bag. Unfortunately I heard they discontinued the packaging...I just cannot understand why???
9.Lil Tykes Tractor. Lately I discovered a fancy way to travel.  It's a bumpy ride and every once in a while I honk the horn.  Mom can only push me around for a little while before she makes some lame excuse about a broken back.  Oh well, soon I plan on stretching my feet to the ground and hitting the road on my own.

10.Squirty water star.  My most recent acquisition is this incredible floating bathtub toy.  You just push a button and there are lights and colors and it spins all around the tub.  I am in love. 


  1. Great list of toys :) I know Hanna still loves light light lights, and she always liked ride on toys too!

  2. Elsa! So cute! Lets just hope she doesn't decide to go shirtless and make us call her "Mike". (like holly did at about 4!)

  3. Love this post! I am going to go look for that star bath toy! Really enjoying your blog.