Thursday, March 17, 2011

Elsa's Entourage

When the reality about Elsa’s vision had begun to sink in, her first surgeries finished, her glasses perched up on her cute little nose; I had the overwhelming feeling that I was going to need some help. 

And help we have received. 

Elsa has some wonderful people in her life to keep us on the
up and up.

Two vision teachers visit her every week to shower her with loads of fun and toys, and encourage her to use those pretty eyes.  For her it means that she will be exposed to different ways of learning.  For me it means comfort that someone with expertise is keeping tabs on things and we won’t miss out on some necessary milestones for our girl.

Elsa's teachers have taught us that by
adding bright colors to Elsa's tray provides
the contrast she needs to see her cheerios.

Another angel that visits us is the occupational therapist.  She comes with a smile every other week to check in on Elsa’s progress and rally us on to the next acrobatic event. I'm not sure we would have survived tummy time without her.

We also are very fortunate to have a visitor every few months from the Anchor Center, a preschool designed especially for visually impaired kiddos. She drives for hours to impart her wisdom, bringing all kinds of treasures for Miss E. to experience.
We have learned that touching a variety of things
helps Elsa get comfortable with the world around her.

Organizing it all and keeping track of the plan, is a wonderful person that has a real heart of gold.  She is always available to help.


The knowledge and experience that this entourage brings is amazing.  They have each helped in their special ways, sharing practical ideas, giving us a kick in the pants to keep moving forward, and always supporting Elsa with their sweet spirits.



  1. Sounds like you and her have a lot of help. I loved learning at the beginning. Meeting new therapists...eventually losing them because they're not needed any more. It's all overwhelming at first, but then it's just routine, and it feels great to learn more about how we have to do certain everyday tasks differently.
    I love seeing Elsa exploring textures! We had a hard time with Hanna for a while in that area.

  2. I can't get over the giggly cuteness of your baby. Makes me almost want another.. ALMOST lol. She is so beautiful. I loved the pictures of her exploring the world. Everyone knows Jello rocks.