Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snap Happy

Running my kiddos around to this and that has its privileges.  This week wrestling took us on a tour where I got a little
snap happy.

The architecture at the small school we went to is so ornate. 
I was glad to have my camera.
(and a few extra hands to manage the babies,
thanks Grammy and Pappy)


And the old sugar factory definitely has a story to tell.

It is connected to a set of newer buildings.
The contrast between the two is incredible.

I even found a new word to add to my life...

whatever amalgamated means.

I think I will just use it randomly.

"I am feeling soo amalgamated today!"

"Stop hitting each other before
you end up amalgamated!"

"Wow. I ate too much...Do I look amalgamated?"

Everyone will think I am really smart.


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