Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kale induced goiter

I have found a new love....
at least temporarily
it may even convince me to follow through with another feeble attempt at a garden.

It is of course the nutritional powerhouse

I found this recipe for Kale chips last summer when big Larry had his extraordinary garden full of oddities.  We had kale on our table and I had no idea of how to serve it. 
wow the kids were excited about that!!

So I am either completely desperate for green to fill in the drabness of the barren winter landscape or this is absolutely delicious.
Like, I would eat it if I was still on my
(which I am)
It does have that crispy-salty crunch of a chip.

And so easy to make.

Even Milo wanted more and that is saying something.

One small draw back.

After I baked it up, I got curious about the 
"nutritional powerhouse" 
title and found this informational site about kale. 

It was wonderful to see all the great things I was subjecting to my body,
until I read the info on the possibility of over-consumption causing a

Now, it could have been that I had just inhaled 2 cups of baked Kale Chips in under a minute and they might have been wedged in my throat, but I am almost positive that I developed a goiter while reading the article.

The great news is that after I navigated away from that page the goiter disappeared and I lived to tell you about
Baked Kale Chips.

Really try it.

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  1. If you do get a goiter you can paint it.