Saturday, March 19, 2011

     I LOVE HOOPLA!!!!  


My sister Amy has always been a collector and a beautiful pixie of sorts. 
When we were little she could often be found collecting wild flowers with the cool mountain dirt under her toes, a silk edged  blankie as an eclectic cape over her tiny shoulders.

These days she still collects and creates; she still wears eclectic capes over her
tiny shoulders too.
Her smiling face can be seen welcoming travelers and locals into her warehouse in downtown Walden.  Amy's store,Hoopla!, has adorable vintage clothing and quirky combinations of treasures.  Lotsa times you will find live musicians strumming their guitars with shoppers singing along, or  kids and dogs stopping in to catch a breath between adventures.
And I am pretty sure that she is gonna be the first famous person in our family as she will be featured in an article this summer in Sunset magazine!!
I am so excited!
 Check her out on Facebook or in her online shop Hoochy Koochy.

Lately she has been designing fantastic jewelry made with porcupine quills, bullet casings and elk antlers.  She just opened an online site featuring her originals along with the works of some other unique artists...really cool stuff.
She is really cool stuff.

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