Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I know its past my bedtime when.........

  • my 3 year old and 14 year old are bantering back and forth with..."don't talk to me," "no don't talk to me"

  • Josi starts telling a story over and over while trying to hang off of my back and lean around my head to give me a kiss

  • a menagerie of animals and miscellaneous toys appear on my ankle?

  • I am hunched over the computer posting sappy statuses all over facebook

  • the midnight munchies hit and I try sucking the chocolate fudge ice cream topping straight from the bottle

  • the computer keyboard falls asleep while I am typing

  • instead of just checking my account balances online, I decide it is a perfect time to reconcile 8 months worth of statements

  • every single toy ever invented creates a three foot carpet across the living room floor

  • I notice that I am counting the cursor blinks between typing

  • I realise that this list could go on for 6.5 more hours and that the signs would just continue to accumulate

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