Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Dreams Come True in Just One Click!!!!!

Usually I just empty the junk folder on my email but today I browsed all the way through an entire week's worth.

Good thing I did because it turns out that there is one fantastic deal in my city!
(we are on the map now baby!) 

Amazingly, I can also fix a few problems that I didn't even know I had, including that nail fungus and compensation for my recent accident, and I can even add a few inches!

(I always wanted to be taller)

I can make friends! I can find true love,the perfect car, and the truth about anyone!
I can be my own boss, upgrade to a new laptop, find cowboy boots that turn heads.

Get this, I can buy a
 I know, right?

Someone was looking for me and someone else showed interest in me.  

Soon after I click on that college education I have been waiting for, I can get skinny, remodel my bathroom, have lasik surgery and go on vacation to Hawaii, Vegas or Alaska.

And the deals! You won't believe all the deals.  At the other end of my clicking index finger awaits faster Internet, online banking, airline tickets, custom t-shirts, hosiery, steaks, cheap women's clothing, flags, SUVs, a maid, new floors, new fridge, AND stilettos.

What more could a girl want??   

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