Thursday, March 31, 2011

Clinical Trials:

We went to a well child clinic this week.  You know the ones,
you shuffle your preschooler around to

check their eyes,

    check their ears,

   their teeth,

              their development.

You wonder repeatedly how you managed to forget to teach your kid to walk one foot in front of the other and swear to start training for next year's clinic a few weeks early.

You fill out a questionare that asks if your preschooler:

Throws tantrums
never; sometimes; often; always

Shares toys
never; sometimes; often; always

Accepts Limits

never; sometimes; often; always

Some of the questions I thought would've been better suited for the mother.

Does your preschooler Mother:

Frequently change moods
never; sometimes; often; always

Use acceptable behavior
to solve problems
never; sometimes; often; always

Understand and Express Feelings

never; sometimes; often; always

Your kid clams up and won't talk until the well meaning screeners ask them to identify a picture of a fridge.

Screener: "What's this?"

Milo: "It's a fridge."

Screener: "Right! What's in it?"

Milo: "Yucky stuff."

ahem...i guess i need to clean out the fridge more often.

But I guess it could have been worse; one of the ladies there told me that a child once answered a question this way:

Screener:"Finish this sentence:
    Mommy is a girl,
    daddy is a...?"

Kid: "Creep."

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  1. Haha!! Too funny! I'm glad everything went so....well?
    :) Have a great day!