Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a healthier lifestyle...

Last week I decided that rather than count calories or follow a complicated formula, I would simply eliminate sugar from my diet.

Day one:
Did great!
I only sampled the ice cream cake that I was making as a necessary culinary obligation.

Day two:
Family birthday party.
I ate a piece of the
previously mentioned cake. 

Ok I ate two.

Day three:
Valentine’s Day
When I bought the candy I was completely convinced that I was doing it for the children.

Now I am wondering…

What if I decided that in order promote a healthier lifestyle, I would discontinue my pursuit of spinach or broccoli?

Do you then think that for the next few days, weeks, months, my mind would crave, obsess and justify the consumption of these things?

Would I justify eating broccoli because it is Valentine’s Day? Or for a Birthday?

Or would just a bite of spinach somehow tumble into an out of control consumption of the entire bag?

Would I sneak broccoli behind the backs of the children?

After a few days, would I justify that it is impossible to completely give up these foods and therefore revert to a regular diet?

I’m gonna try it.
Bring on the junk food!!

I am changing my life!!
As of today,
I am adopting a crappier lifestyle!!