Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Camera Funeral

Milo and I were clowning around the other day when my camera lens decided to jump in on the fun and act a little goofy.  It would stutter open and stammer back in.  On further investigation I realized that it was cracked...BOOOOOO

This was a different episode of clowning around.
Probably 2 years ago...Milo with a fat lip.
 I will post the ones we took from this week
when I get things up and running again!

You know what they say about breaking the camera???
He is CRAZY!!

Wonder which shot closed the deal???

He's a ROCKSTAR!!!
She is just plain MAD!!

Anyways, I had a funeral for my faithful powershot and tried to be budget minded and survive without.  But I guess I you could call me an addict...I ordered a new one this week! 

Hope it gets here before I go into withdrawals!

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