Saturday, January 15, 2011

what a trip

Thursday morning we farmed out the kiddos and headed up to the big city for Elsa to get an evaluation under anesthesia.  It's always scary to take her in but it also seems strange to be getting used to the process.
Elsa's appointment at Children's went well.  Afterwards, she was a little cranky from the anesthesia, but feeling lots better by today.  The doctor's peek into her eyes revealed a lot of scar tissue and some cell regrowth.  Looks like we will be heading back in the first part of February to do a surgery to clean it up.
We spent Thursday night in the city after Elsa’s appointment with plans to do a little shopping before we came home.  So we got to the mall and every store I always imagine finding magnificent treasures in was laid out before me…Pottery Barn, Anthropology, Crate n Barrel and a million other stores.  I had birthday money from my Mom and Dad, Christmas money from Barbara and some hard earned cash from my painting projects and babysitting.  I could not wait to buy something wonderful. 

So call me crazy but doesn’t it seem like when you have a little money to blow, everything looks so unappealing?  And when your broke and don’t have a penny to spend everything in the stores looks like all you have ever dreamed of!!!  That was my reality on Friday. 

the new outfits for pappy's retirement party.  can't wait to see them on!!!

Max appreciated the new rug!

My dreams of material bliss were by no means fulfilled.  I guess looking at all of that stuff just made me want a bigger house and a smaller body.  In the end I came away with a bit of worthwhile plunder, some cute matching outfits for Milo and Elsa and a new rug for the living room. But the most valuable treasure that I made it home with was my sweet babies and an abundance of gratitude for just being home. 


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  1. teehee a bigger house and a smaller body. i think that sums it up for alot of us ole housewives when we start shopping holly! love u