Monday, January 24, 2011

O it's easy..

There are two things about Lionel Richie that I am sure of:
  1. He was not a mother
  2. He did not get an entire family ready to go to church

Maybe I am the only one that suffers from the dilemma of Sunday morning but mine usually go pretty crazy.

  • Wake up and stretch….aaaaah its Sunday
  • Lay around in bed way too long but finally get up          
  • Down the coffee, ignore Saturday disaster
  • Realize its getting late
  • Throw all of my clothes out of the closet onto the floor noting repeatedly that I have nothing to wear
  • Get mad and holler a few times
  • Realize we are already late for Sunday School
  • Sit down. More Coffee. Feed Face.
  • Wipe table from Thursday afternoon
  • Restart mildewed load of laundry….again
  • Break up a fight
  • Realize we are gonna be late to church
  • Realize I have toothpaste on my elbow
  • Realize preschooler isn’t even dressed
  • Realize baby is missing her glasses
  • Realize house is trashed
  • Pile in Car
Oh yes…Easy like Sunday Morning…


  1. do you just try to lick off the toothpaste?

  2. Sounds so familiar, but doesn't have to be Sunday here. LOL