Monday, January 31, 2011

picking a mother

You know if I could pick anyone to be my mom I would pick somebody with sparkly brown eyes and a big cheesy grin.  She would be a bossy booby but in the most wonderful way.  She would make the most amazing adventures for me and my kids. 

In the summer time, I would pick a mom that made up some crazy family camping ideas.  Maybe one year we would dress as samurais, we would sit around in our costumes around the campfire...the kids being ninja break dancers at twilight theater. 

Probably another year she would make a Renaissance wedding camping.  She would sew us all beautiful dresses and organize a trade booth and get a real live band. 

When my belly was big and bulging she would feel sorry for me and instead of camping, she would put on a circus.  My kids would suddenly be magicians and stilt walkers. She would paint circus signs and make a stage. 

 And in the winter time she would organize skating and skiing and sledding.  She would have a cozy beautiful place to come in and warm up...complete with Christmas mugs and a 24 hour hot cocoa bar and marshmallows.


If I could pick a mom, she would be one that every morning when I woke up, I would want to hear her voice.  I would never be able to hold back good news for more than a few hours, I guess because I would be positive that on the other end of the line there would be rejoicing. 
And when things got harried, I would call her too.  Because it's a sure sign of a great mother to be so full of compassion and empathy that tear drops could be caught even a million miles away.

If I could pick a mother...I think she would look like this.


  1. Your a very lucky woman, to have a mother, who loves you so much.

  2. That was probably the cutest post I have ever read. Sounds like you have an awesome mom. :)