Friday, January 28, 2011

Yay 4 my new camera!!!!

I got my camera today.

I soo could not wait.

This morning I was an online fed-ex stalker.
If only they had a tracking device on the truck...
You know the kind with the little red flashing light on the map?

I would have met them as they pulled into my driveway.

Anyways, I got it just before noon.
Right after baby paige arrived.
So I had some wonderful subjects

Although by the end of the day, I was as annoying as the paparazzi!

Guess they will hafta get over it cuz


  1. don't tell us what kind you got? I need a new camera, I hate mine.

  2. Well I was shooting with a canon powershot which I really loved. I went back and forth about just replacing it, but ended up upgrading to a canon rebel xs. I wanted to go up another step to the xsi but a girl has eventually got to get control. I love the picture quality of the new one, but it doesn't have video recording (which I used a lot) and it has a rechargeable battery which I am not responsible enough to use. :0) On the plus side I can upgrade lenses and flashes if I get really good. At the rate I am going....that might be a while.
    I got mine at good ol' because they had the cheapest price and it came with a few extras.
    Good luck camera shopping :0)

  3. Yay!! Glad you have a blog!! I hope you don't mind if I follow. :)
    You're family is beautiful!
    Glad I'm not the only photo addict, too. ;)
    Talk to you soon!
    Jenn O'Hara

  4. Cool! I will definitely check those out when I start SERIOUSLY shopping instead of whining about my current camera and complaining every time I use it. LOL Thanks Holly!