Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Angel

Every winter we watch the snow fall and pile up in its big fluffy piles. After bundling up in our warmest, we venture out to play in it.  This year was no different, except we had an extra bundle…a snuggled baby in a snowsuit that made her look like a starfish.  Elsa was not happy in the least to be mummified for another strange adventure but as soon as the sled began its journey a silent curiosity quieted her down.  Have you ever listened to the snow crunch?  Or felt soothed by the sled gliding across the slippery snow?  Have you felt the piercing cold of snow on your lips?  Or let the sounds of your family resonate through your being?  

I wish I had a picture of big brother Milo pulling her around the yard, but life sometimes get in the way of picture taking.  It is sealed away in my mental scrapbook though...a moment when it became clear to me that Elsa is already living a life more exciting and rich than many have ever known.

She can light up a room with her smile, and her giggle can melt anyone’s heart.  At first glance you can tell she is different, I am sure the glasses give it away.  But the difference is deeper.  The difference is wonderful, opening up the world around her in a whole new way.  Already she has taught me so much.  It’s like my entire life all of my senses have been dulled and with the arrival of this little angel an awakening has begun. 

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