Friday, January 21, 2011


She is puny today.  Sore throat and stuffy nose have kept her on the couch all day.  Her usual excitement is taking a rest as she recuperates.  On a normal day she is my right hand man. 

Full of love and laughter she usually is found around our house playing with the baby or setting up some grand adventure for Milo.  She is the queen of Orange Julius drinks and homemade brownies. She can single-handedly clean the house, fix a supper, give the little ones a bath (way more than I could do when I was twice her age!)

Josi has always been the life of the party in our family.  Even when she was little bitty she was thinking up schemes and making everyone smile.  She was always climbing and flipping and swinging, with Levi keeping a close eye on her acrobatics. 

Once when Josi was about four she had somehow positioned herself upside down on Larry’s big recliner.  Her head hung off of the edge and her legs balanced up the back of the chair.  In a big rumble of body parts little Josi flipped through the air and landed spread eagle on the living room floor gazing up at the ceiling.  As Larry, and Levi, and I were jolted to attention she simply informed us…”Nothing Happened.”   It’s been our embarrassing moment recovery line ever since.


Get well soon, baby!

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  1. oooooh josi. get well soon!! ps holly you are smokin in the santa picture!